Dorset Demons

The Dorset Little Athletics Club is a foundation club when Knox Little Athletics Centre was first established, way back in 1968.  We’re currently a very youthful club, attracting a lot of young athletes over the past few years.  We have a stable committee with a great financial position and are a great destination club for any new athletes interested in trying Little Athletics as a summer activity.


2019/20 Season Wrap

The Track and Field season for 2020-21 was a successful one for Dorset.  Over this season we had a number of new families join us with a total of 33 registered athletes from 23 families.  We were lucky enough to have quite a few under sixes and sevens last year, making us quite a youthful club with a great future.

Congratulations to all our athletes.  We look forward to seeing you all again, along with our new recruits, for the 2020/21 season ‘on the hill’!