Parent Responsibilities
Parents have a vital role to play in the running of Little Athletics. Without your support and assistance as helpers and officials the program cannot operate. It is the responsibility of all parents to ensure that a continuity of supervision is provided for their children and that children are not left unattended during the program.

Duty Roster
We rely on the assistance of parents to run the events and the canteen each week. There are a variety of duties to be performed and these can be done by people of all abilities. Each family will be required to have a parent available for duty once every three weeks.

A duty roster will be drawn up and families will be advised which dates they are rostered on for duty. Please remember to sign in by 5.45 pm on Friday nights and 8.15 am on Saturdays. If you are unable to perform your duty on a particular date please arrange a swap with another parent and inform the team manager.

Chief Officials
Each club is also given official responsibility to supply chief officials for one or more events, based on the club’s size. Dorset Demons is currently responsible for supplying chief officials for Discus2 every week, and for Mini-Olympics every other week. No previous experience is necessary to be an official, and training is provided. Chief official duty takes the place of regular parent duty for your family.

Please see your Team Manager if you are interested in being a Chief Official.


Little Athletics is more than fun and fitness. It’s a family movement that promotes family participation. It’s a real chance for the family to do things together regularly.

Dorset Demons supports the Knox LAC Behaviour Policies. Please familiarize your family with the policies contained in the Knox LAC Season Handbook.Spectating

When not on duty, parents and spectators are asked to remain behind the fence line. This is for athlete and spectator safety, and minimises disruptions to events. Where appropriate, athletes will be escorted to their event.


For the safety of your children – athletes and non-athletes, please ensure your children are appropriately supervised at all times.