To recognise athletes’ achievements during the season Dorset provides a number of awards.

Personal Bests (PBs)
Throughout the season the athlete’s PB (personal best) in each event will be recorded.  Once an athlete accumulates 10, 20 or 30 PBs they will receive a bronze, silver or gold medal respectively to celebrate their achievements.

President’s Award
This trophy is awarded to a member of the Dorset club chosen by the President and endorsed by the committee, for showing great sportsmanship, persistence, participation and many other qualities apart from just sporting ability.

Wayne Smith Award
Wayne died in 2001 following a lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis.  Both of his sons were active members of Dorset for seven years.  Wayne was a fervent supporter of his children in their athletic endeavours.  This award is given to a boy who displays the qualities that Wayne became known for: courage, persistence and positive attitude with a great zest for life.  This trophy is awarded in honour of his memory and attitude towards life.

Jessica McLeod Award
This is also a commemorative trophy awarded to a girl who most emulates Jessica’s qualities of participating with enjoyment, enthusiasm and sportsmanship.  Jessica was tragically killed in 2003 and was a much loved member of the Dorset community for three years.

Five and Nine Year Awards
This plaque is awarded to athletes by the Knox Committee who have competed for five or nine years.

Under 15 Plaque
This plaque is awarded to athletes in the Under 15 age group who have competed for at least three years.